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The Future of Marketing: 5 Key Predictions
Salvador Godoy 01-12-2023

The rapid advance of digitization has led many countries to focus on privacy protection and marketing strategies employed by many companies. This has given rise to new regulations that place greater scrutiny and control on activities related to digital marketing, and the leaders of this sector are facing big changes in the coming years.

Why apply a Marketing 5.0 strategy in my business?
Salvador Godoy 09-13-2022

A Marketing 5.0 strategy in your business will have the use of technology as its main focus. As you must already know, Marketing is something that is always evolving and modernizing to follow present and future trends. Now, one of the main concepts that is being applied in the market is Marketing 5.0. But what exactly is it, and why should you use it in your company as soon as possible? Read on to find out!

Shopify Marketing Strategy: 7 Effective Tactics to Increase Sales
Salvador Godoy 07-2-2022

Once you have successfully built your eCommerce store, it is time to start thinking about the Shopify Marketing strategy that you are going to carry out to maximize your sales and minimize your costs. There are many different paths, so you need to choose your particular Shopify Marketing strategy to be successful. Each online store or business must choose the one that best suits it, because what can be used for one business will not work for another.

Key Tips to Increase Engagement On Social Media
Salvador Godoy 12-13-2021

Social networks have become the main communication channel between a company and current and future customers. How can we increase engagement on social networks to improve the flow of communication? Very simple, with the techniques and advice that we leave you here. 

How Effective is Radio Marketing?
Salvador Godoy 12-09-2021

Nowadays, companies or small businesses make themselves known through social networks and the media; the most used are Facebook, Instagram, television, magazines, newspapers, and radio. But you may ask, of all these media, is radio marketing effective? 

What are Social Networks Used for in Digital Marketing?
Salvador Godoy 12-14-2021

In addition to occupying much of our free time, what marketing goals can be achieved through social media like Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok? 

SEO positioning: 5 tips to boost your SEO!
Salvador Godoy 09-08-2021

For many businesses, SEO is really decisive within the growth and marketing plan. If you are looking for tools to improve the organic positioning of your website, stop looking! In this article we will tell you 5 tips to boost your SEO, so that your page can be positioned in the main search engines.

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