What are Social Networks Used for in Digital Marketing?

By Salvador Godoy

In addition to occupying much of our free time, what marketing goals can be achieved through social media like Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok?

Social networks have become a fundamental part of our lives. Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, we share happy moments and achievements, interact with our friends, family, colleagues, and mentors and even use them to organize face-to-face meetings or video calls.

On the other hand, for many companies, social networks represent a digital marketing tool that must be known to get the most out of it and not have false expectations.

What is the role of social networks in digital marketing?

In general terms, social media can achieve one or more of the following objectives for different companies:

-Connect with your customers; within digital marketing, objectives can be branding and/or awareness (brand knowledge).

-Commitment to the brand is represented as engagement.

-Social listening to find out opinions and questions from the target and customer service to receive complaints or suggestions.

-Generation of prospects (leads) or sales. It is no coincidence that it has placed the most attractive point for entrepreneurs until the end. Not all businesses can obtain a return on investment through social networks.

What type of product can be sold on social networks?

Answering the question, I will first say which ones cannot be sold. All those that are prohibited in each country cannot be sold through social media. Examples: weapons, drugs, prostitution services, organ trafficking, and a long etcetera.

Within what is marketable on social media platforms, we must always consider the target of the product or service we want to promote. In other words, any digital marketing strategy must have the consumer we want to reach as its center. Who is the person, how old that person is, what interests, socioeconomic status, and what is the best time to contact them?

Even though Facebook is the social network with the most users worldwide (2,740 million people until 2021), and since many of us dedicate a large part of our day to it, it is not the best sales tool for all companies.

Although digital marketing is not an exact and infallible science, there are digital advertising trends that we must pay attention to. The products or services we buy on impulse and do not precisely need (clothes, accessories, restaurants, decoration items, concerts) can be successfully advertised on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, or Pinterest.

Starting from the previous point, let's take into account which is the target we are addressing. Until now, Snapchat or TikTok are social networks used chiefly by younger users. Facebook is universal and has penetrated diverse population sectors regarding age and purchasing power. Women most use Pinterest over 25 years old. Twitter is a social network for young adults.

LinkedIn is a world apart. In theory, it is a niche social network ideal for promoting B2B (Business to Business) companies.

What products or services are not recommended to promote on social networks?

Basically, those that involve thinking about the purchase. The reason again is located in the target audience; When we are watching social networks, it is our moment of recreation, almost like putting the brain "off." We are not ready to pay too much attention. Therefore, it is not advisable to use any social media to search for prospects or sales in businesses such as:

-Law firms
-Medical consultants
-Financial services
-B2B business

For this type of company, it is better to resort to a search engine marketing campaign, also known as SEM.

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