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Apree Bath Concepts
Home Improvement

Apree Bath Concepts is India's leading manufacturer of bath faucets and bath accessories.

Digital Marketing Agency

Phoxverse’s primary strategic focus has been on creating an atmosphere that will take your business to a greater height and avail the business to optimize & automate it with the help of A.I predicated technologies.

Digital Marketing Agency

SalesEra specializes in outsourcing, staffing, digital marketing, business development, IT support and research reports services.

Brainstormed, created content and drafted copy for daily content across social media platforms, including creating graphics and short videos. Maintained the social media calendar with promotional posts, historical content and organization needs. 

Hilltop District Neighborhood Council (HDNC)
Neighborhood Council

Oversaw and managed the HDNC social media accounts to help boost local participation/membership for local communities and business partners in the Hilltop area of Richmond, California. The purpose of the HDNC shall be to serve the people in their neighborhood and community, on a non-partisan, non-commercial basis and to work cooperatively with local, state, and federal government agencies. The council conducts annual membership meetings on upcoming agenda items such as project developments, street projects, crime and more.

Health Communication App

Collaborating with a healthcare app startup in creating a social media and email campaign plan. An iOS app aimed at physicians, surgeons, clinics and patients in sharing pre operative & post operative information. As well as, promoting the features of the app including an upcoming monthly subscription service. 

Construction Marketplace

Managed the company’s social media accounts through scheduling posts, analyzing social media statistics, and reaching out to potential clients and business partners to gain and establish a long-term relationship with them. Created and distributed their company’s content by creating graphics and social media calendars to efficiently spread brand awareness and enhance consumer engagement. Created and analyzed digital content for Instagram and provided regular reports to showcase brand growth.

Bonneville Bay Area
Broadcasting Media

Social Media work examples for KOIT, KFOX, KBLX and KMVQ. Created social media content for Radio Stations. As well as email newsletter news on giveaways and upcoming concert events.

The Daily Californian

Managed the student-run newspaper social media accounts through scheduling posts, analyzing social media statistics, creating posts for upcoming events surrounding the University of California, Berkeley campus. 

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